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Community Applications

IR Intelligent Region Business Communication Ltd. based on the widely developed system of relations, tender proficiency, the high level of english skills and management experience over the past several years, offers professional help to participate in tenders of the European Territorial Cooperation Programms /SEE, CEP/ and to develop the Territorial Cooperation Programms /Hungary – Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme, HU-RO Cross-border Cooperation Programme/.

Our Company has the appropriate theoretical basis and practical skills which are required by finding the best solutions, gaining access to appropriate partners, develeoping and managing tenders, as well as accessing resources.

To improve the key conditions of joint development of collaborative border areas for small and medium sized enterprises, large companies, the entities of the State Budget and for universities and research institutes, there are several options funded by the European Regional Development Fund to provide a wide range of increasing the competitiveness of the applicants. Each scheme provides favorable opportunities: up to 85-95% subsidy rate, the grant amount can be 100 thousand Euros up to 1.5 million euros.

Tender resources related to the Territorial Cooperation Programmes
Opportunities for regional cooperation
Project management
Project writing

Management of international projects - TICAD Project

IR Intelligent Region® Business Communication Ltd has gained professional experience in recent years, thus offers expert assistance for establishing transnational and cross-border cooperation financed by the European Union. Further, our company has professional tasks in running projects.

In the transnational initiative called TICAD Project - Tisa Catchment Area Integrated Development IR Intelligent Region® Business Communication Ltd takes part as an external communications expert.

The internet news portal called in cooperation with the IR Intelligent Region® Business Communications Ltd. presents successful corporations in Szeged in the future

In the future the together with the IR Intelligent Region® Business Communication Ltd., introduce to the readers such entrepreneurs and companies of Szeged, who have successfully used the possibilities afforded by the proposals, or implemented investments with their own contribution. For the ongoing GOP, DAOP, KEOP proposals please visit the Proposals menu.

Éva Fehér, Managing Director As the chief manager she is responsible for defining and forming the business policy of the company.
Zoltán Budai, Technical and Operational Director He is responsible for checking the technical tasks and the operation of the company.
Project manager Responsible for the co-ordination of the activities of IR Ltd.,and for the management of tenders
Our external experts Dr. Asztalos Péter is the company’s lawyer, and Dr. Zoltán Kelemen is responsible for public procurement.