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Szechenyi 2020

Hungary has already prepared its Operational Programme to apply for the proposals financed by the European Union in the 2014-2020 period. These programs completely fit for the Európa 2020 strategy and including further thematic objectives.

The IR Intelligens Régió® Üzleti Kommunikációs Kft. which was established at 2000, has been involved in many significant cooperations in projects offered by the European Union. First of all, the company develops and operates on-line and B2B applications furthermore it also helps to implement proposals of the European Union and to create the proper corporate identity.

Our company has reached remarkable experiences in the project management through the NFT I., UMFT and USZT programmes. The company also attends in tenders of the European Territorial Programmes, developing Hungary - Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme and in many projects related to the Central Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (CEP).

In this season, 2014-2020, the companies and institutions will have many challenges which can be solved by a recognized and an experienced company. Our company is one of the best that can easily tackle these problem and execute your plan from the beginning to the end.

The IR Ltd. is waiting for the new Operational Programmes and tenders with excitement and highly preparation to the tender opportunities that will be shortly published within the framework of the Operational Programmes.

Apply with us for the new tenders with our company, IR Intelligens Régió® Üzleti Kommunikációs Iroda Ltd.!

Our company provides a complete solution in tendering contracting, financial settlements and project management related to the tenders you can find in the tendering menu.


Széchenyi 2020 up-to-date proposals

In the table below you can find a short summary about the Operational Programmes that are the most relevant for Szeged and the surrounding area.


Operative Programmes

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