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IR Intelligent Region® Business Communication Ltd. launched its operation 23 years ago with the aim of:

  • to acquaint the services of the information society in the South Great Plain Region
  • participate in the development and operation of the implemented systems.

Below this text, we summarized the history of our firm’s two business area, from 2000 to the present days:

Our company has many significant mandates in European Union’s projects, for example: development operating of online and B2B web applications, implementing of EU projects, and image-evolving.

Our company places great emphasis on serving SME’s. At the process we acquired our professional experience, we relied on learning about EU normatives, so we attended in a lot of competition realization.

In recent years, our web sevices have been taken secound place. The current range of activities is primarily related to the administrative tasks of European Union co-financed tenders.

We provide a complex application service, which includes preparation for the tenders, application writing, project management, and accounting. If required, we also support our customers with financing solutions.

Our clients are ambitious SMEs, agricultural players, private individuals, non-profit companies, and public organizations. The number of our clients grows through our network of contacts and recommendations. Our company's success is guaranteed by 15 years of experience in tendering.

With our work, we want to contribute to the access and optimal use of European Union funds for the benefit of our clients and the development of the Southern Great Plain region.

IR Intelligent Region® Business Communication Ltd. has also made significant references in the area of project management activities, such as in NDP I., NDP, NSTP and Széchenyi 2020 programs. Examples for implementing: the HU-SRB IPA in the frame of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, as well as the projects of Central-European transnational programmes.

As described above, the IR Ltd. acquired „ROP-VSTA-2012-accredited consulting firm” name.

All about of the above, we demonstrate in our professional reference materials.

The next EU programming period (2021-2027) brings several tasks and projects for the companies and the institutions, those will be needed companies, which had proficiency and recognition in these projects. Our company is one of these companies.

IR Intelligens Régió Üzleti Kommunikációs Kft.